Holistic Approach

Health not just the treatment of illness; health is a lifestyle. I take a compassionate, holistic approach to your pet’s care, examining their physical, behavioral, emotional, and environmental history, so we can get to the heart of their problem. Only then will I suggest treatments that will aid your pet’s recovery and promote future health.

My philosophy is simple: it is better to cure disease and promote health and wellness than it is to just address or cover up symptoms as is done in conventional medicine. I do this by focusing on three main areas: nutrition, avoidance of overvaccination and toxins, and cure rather than suppression.

Holistic Pet Care in Des Moines
  • Optimal nutrition. I suggest that your pet’s body is the “doctor” and will do everything possible to get and stay healthy when provided with the proper “fuel”.
  • Avoidance of overvaccination and toxins. Vaccine avoidance minimizes health complications that arise from the overuse of inoculations in dogs and cats. Did you know most vaccines can last a lifetime in dogs and cats, just as they do in people? Flea, tick and heartworm meds are creating superbugs that are becoming resistant to our attempts to kill them. They’re neurotoxic for both the target and the host and yet most vets view them as a way to prevent disease and ill health.
  • Cure is not the same as alleviating symptoms, or palliation. It is a return of the body’s chemistry back to the default – normal functioning. My objective is cure, such that no symptoms remain, and no medication is needed. At the end of successful treatment, the patient is actually healthier, not just stabilized on meds.

My main modalities for treatment are a biologically appropriate diet, Chinese and Western herbal therapies, various other nutraceuticals/natural supplements, Chiropractic, and client education. In addition, I use reiki and flower essences for emotional healing and work with other highly experienced practitioners to incorporate classical homeopathy, acupuncture, and advanced holistic cancer therapy into treatment plans as appropriate.

I rely on conventional diagnostics like laboratory tests and imaging when appropriate, and recommend conventional treatments as supportive care where indicated. The emphasis is on using all reasonable therapies or systems of medicine that work together synergistically to prevent and treat disease that would not be possible using one system of medicine alone. This is the beauty of Functional Medicine.

Ready to Make the Investment?

There really is so much you can do for your animals that conventional medicine cannot address. Holistic medicine has the means to help them live longer and happier lives, and to prevent or truly cure problems, rather than just cover them up. Much of what I do is educating and empowering my clients so they can make informed choices and provide the best care for their current animal companions and all the ones they will ever care for. Indeed, it is my goal to get you to the point where you don’t need me much anymore! Call 515-778-1585 or fill out our form to schedule an appointment today.