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The Hidden Message Behind Tear Stains

Last August, the FDA sent a letter of warning to three manufacturers of tearstain removal products. The reason? They contain the antibiotic tylosin tartrate, which is not approved for use in dogs or cats, or for the treatment of tearstain-related conditions. The companies receiving the letters included the makers of Angels’ Eyes, Angels’ Glow, Pets’… Read more »

How to Help Dogs with Fear of Thunder and Fireworks

Is your dog stressed by storms and other loud noises?  I have two of these sensitive souls!  At the first sign of my dogs showing stress due to fireworks, thunderstorms, gunshots and other loud scary events, (or before, if I know in advance) I reach into my big HOLISTIC TOOLKIT. 1. Apply PEACE AND CALMING… Read more »

Flea Allergies: The Larger Picture

Do you know why fleas don’t have the same effect on all dogs & cats? When approached from a holistic perspective, long-term flea control does not begin with insecticide flea sprays, dips or shampoos. It begins only after the pet guardian reaches an understanding of how fleas live, behave, and how they select their hosts…. Read more »

5 Myths About Holistic Pet Care

    Want your companion treated holistically, but think it’s too hard to find a vet, or that it’s going to be too time consuming or costly? Think again. Let’s bust the most common myths about alternative veterinary care. AND ROLL… Wanda isn’t happy that her dog is receiving steroids for skin allergy issues, and… Read more »

Ticked Off? Essential Oils to the Rescue!

Far be it from me to tell you to put pesticides on your dog or cat. But I’ve never heard of a single nontoxic preparation that was effective at keeping ticks off all dogs. For some dogs, only the potent pesticides seem to keep ticks away. There are, however, some nontoxic products – both commercially… Read more »

Non-toxic Flea & Tick Control for Pets & Home

Yes, There are Sane Alternatives to Poisons There is probably no area in a pet’s life that takes so much attention to detail as flea control. To do this well makes life with animals easy and fun, yet to do it wrong or incompletely can make your pet sick and make your life together miserable…. Read more »

Make your own All-Natural Flea & Tick Powder

  Every summer season, the debate rages on about the considerable dangers of topical flea and tick products. If you would like to avoid these toxins but still want to give your pet some protection, here is an easy recipe for a safe and effective flea and tick powder, using only three ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth… Read more »

First Aid Essentials for Dogs and Cats

If your pet suddenly experienced a medical emergency or needed some quick medical care, here are some basics that will help all pet guardians be prepared to help animals in trouble. 1. Have the right supplies ready: It’s imperative to have certain necessities immediately at hand in case your animal friend suddenly needs your help…. Read more »

Alternative Help for Allergy Dogs

Does Your Dog Only Get Temporary Allergy Relief? Do you want a healthy dog again? When it comes to choosing a veterinarian for your dog’s allergy issues, be sure to ask yourself these critical questions: Has conventional veterinary therapy revolved around suppressing your dog’s symptoms and immune system? Are you frustrated by countless vet visits… Read more »

Poisonous Plants for Cats and Dogs

There are over 700 plants that could kill or injure your dog or cat!  Some could well be growing in your yard right now.  Keep your pet safe from eating poisonous plants inside and outside your home. Start with our list of common dangerous plants. The list included here cannot possibly begin to cover every single poisonous… Read more »