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My Poor Baby… Are You Afraid?

An excellent article by Melissa Shelton DVM, founder of animalEO. Get to the end, good stuff here! It is always very sad to me when people describe their dogs as having anxiety to thunderstorms, fireworks, or even to the sheer fact that you have left the house (aka separation anxiety).  It is actually becoming quite an… Read more »

The Physical and Emotional Effects of Declawing

“You can’t declaw with love.” – Paul Rowen, DVM Little Shelter Animal Sanctuary, New York It is a sad fact that many poorly informed owners have their cats declawed simply because they thought it was the only way to save the furniture, carpeting, or even people. Fortunately, this is not the case. A normal adult… Read more »

Ozone & Biophotonic Therapy

Ozone and other oxygen therapies have been used for over 100 years around the world for human and animal healing. These therapies continue to gain popularity, as scientists learn about the health benefits of increased oxygen in the body. Currently, ozone therapy and hyperbaric treatments, which bring easily soluble oxygen to target tissues, are being… Read more »

Pain is Invisible….Its Symptoms Are Not!

Emotional Pain and its Stress Potential “Because some emotional pains may induce more suffering than physical pain, animals with unalleviated fear, anxiety, isolation distress, and boredom should be regarded and treated with the same given to those with physical pain.”  McMillan, Franklin D: A world of hurts – is pain special?, JAVMA, Vol 223, No…. Read more »

Raindrop Technique for Dogs

Raindrop Technique for dogs is a home remedy that uses a combination of essential oils and holistic modalities to bring structural alignment and electrical balance to the dog’s body. The Raindrop Technique was developed by Gary Young, ND an expert in the field of therapeutic grade essential oils and founder of Young Living Essential Oils. He… Read more »

Cat Skin Problems: Their Cause and Their Cure

  Symptoms are the body’s way of showing all is not well. They are not a problem in or of themselves. The general public is not aware of this. The medical profession, so it seems,  has no idea of this or of the concept of  supporting health. So they get busy suppressing the symptoms.  … Read more »

Why I Recommend Regular Wellness Visits

The Importance of Being Proactive in Identifying Health Issues in Pets As a proactive wellness veterinarian, I prefer to see each of my healthy patients twice a year, and more frequently as necessary for older pets and those with chronic conditions. A dog’s or cat’s wellness and nutritional needs change yearly, and over the age… Read more »


Heal your Dog and Cat Sensibly – and at Home. Does your dog or cat do ANY of this from Spring through Fall? Chronic itching / Scratching Hair loss Recurring ear infections Skin infections DIAGNOSIS: Likely Allergies, and specifically ATOPY (environmental allergies), although food “allergies” may also contribute.  This is one of the most common… Read more »

Fur IQ: Your Pet’s Chemistry Revealed

Balancing Body Chemistry through Fur Analysis: What is Your Pet Made of? As a veterinarian, I discovered that most pet owners do not get good information about how nutrition affects their pets health.  I know that you want to provide the best nutrition for your pet, keeping them healthy longer, but don’t know who to trust and where… Read more »

Pet Medicines: How Safe are They?

A recent article published in the Indianapolis Star has questioned the safety of certain veterinary medications, along with the relationship of veterinarians, pharmaceutical companies, and their ethics. The drug in question is Trifexis; here is some of the article: Harry, Sesame, Ramsey, Kolbe, Rocky, and Peaches have something in common — all of these beloved… Read more »