Fur IQ: Your Pet’s Chemistry Revealed

Balancing Body Chemistry through Fur Analysis: What is Your Pet Made of?

Balancing Body Chemistry through Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

A fur analysis is a revealing mineral blueprint

As a veterinarian, I discovered that most pet owners do not get good information about how nutrition affects their pets health.  I know that you want to provide the best nutrition for your pet, keeping them healthy longer, but don’t know who to trust and where to get the skinny.  A cornerstone of Idyllic Paws – and what makes this practice unique – is species-appropriate nutrition, and I have strived to get you more information about your pets health and how you can vastly improve it simply through better nutrition.  Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what is needed in the diet to truly thrive?  Why would you want anything less for your best buddy?

Introducing Fur Tissue Mineral Analysis, a unique diagnostic tool that allows you to optimize your pet’s nutrition through a body systems approach and selective supplementation.  Now offered exclusively by Idyllic Paws to savvy pet owners in the Des Moines Metro, if your dog or cat is struggling and you feel you’ve exhausted your standard resources, this just may be the very pointed answer to your prayers.  Yes, really.

How Cool is This?cat eyes2

The Fur Tissue Mineral Analysis reveals a vivid picture of your pet’s internal environment and how efficiently his or her body is working. Providing a mineral “blueprint” of one’s biochemistry, a FTMA can provide pertinent information about your animal’s metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system, and glandular activity  Since these minerals are crucial to the functioning of enzymes, hormones, and other biochemical systems which sustain life, it is possible to read this blueprint and see where metabolic patterns are deviating from normal.

Another benefit of hair analysis is that it may be used to assist in pinpointing the development of metabolic dysfunctions often before symptoms manifest. While mineral imbalances in the body do eventually show up in the blood serum, they will not do so until the condition is so advanced that the individual is often experiencing overt symptoms. Tissue mineral analysis allows us to determine that an imbalance exists, before the imbalance begins to manifest disturbances on a symptomatic level. Therefore, the imbalance can often be corrected through nutritional therapy even before an animal begins to suffer from metabolic symptoms.  Whoa!

A FTMA performed by Analytical Research Labs, Inc. (the company used by Dr. Z) is a screening test for the level of 20 minerals and toxic metals in a sample of fur.  It is a tissue mineral biopsy that is non-invasive, relatively inexpensive, and extremely accurate.  A hair tissue mineral analysis is considered a standard test, used around the world for the biological monitoring of trace elements and toxic metals in both humans and animals species. The same technology is used for soil testing and testing of rock samples to detect mineral levels.

Fur, like all other body tissues, contains minerals that are deposited as the fur grows. Although the fur is dead, the minerals remain as the fur continues to grow out. A sample of fur cut close to the skin provides information about the mineral activity in the fur that took place over the past three to four months.  When performed to standards and correctly interpreted, it can be used as a screening tool for:

  • Mineral deficiencies and excesses;
  • Biochemical imbalances and characteristics;
  • Endocrine index;
  • Indicator of the long-term effects of diet and toxic metal exposure;
  • Behavior predictors.

A fur analysis puts you in control of your pet’s nutrition.  It allows you to learn about and act upon the unique mineral composition that is your pet’s biochemistry. As a complementary tool, the FTMA takes a standard Nutritional Assessment to the next level for a highly personalized look at your pet’s nutritional status.  I will help you learn what all the data means and how you can make changes – yes, how you can improve your pet’s health and biochemistry through nutrition!  Idyllic Paws is uniquely qualified to deliver this service to you and our expertise in natural pet health makes us the credible source of information and advice you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of Fur Analysis over Blood Tests

A FTMA is a more accurate indicator of the overall metabolic trends in the body, that is changes over time rather than a point in time.  Components of the blood must remain fairly stable at all times – or death would occur.  For instance, the body will rob calcium from bones and teeth to support a major organ and keep blood levels up.  Blood will also remove toxins into a storage area, like fat cells, so toxins will not always be seen in blood tests.  Finally, quantities of minerals being measured from the blood are 1,000 times smaller than those found in fur and often too small for easy detection.

A FTMA should be considered:

  • For all dogs and cats over the age of 5 or those with multiple health problems;
  • With any blood profile;
  • With annual wellness exams;
  • For any difficult case not responding to current therapies;
  • For chronic conditions;
  • For perplexing behavior issues.

Let’s Do This Thing!

Through our website you can contact us for an appointment to get started in evaluating your pet’s health with a fur analysis.  The process will include a history and physical exam of your pet(s), discrete fur collection for analysis, and completion of a Clinical Animal Nutrition survey by you – yes, you are a big part of your pet’s assessment too! When the laboratory report is received (in 3 to 4 weeks), we will develop personalized recommendations for your pet based on the exam, survey, and report.  However, while awaiting the lab report, we can start your pet on better nutrition and/or some basic supplements based on our exam findings and your input.  This is an excellent way to prime the body for biochemical overhaul.  Once your pet’s hair is analyzed, we will modify the nutritional recommendations specifically designed to address your pet’s individual needs.

I know how important a balanced, happy animal is to you.  And, I know how important nutrition is to your pet’s health.  Helping you understand just what your pet is made of and what he needs to thrive is why Idyllic Paws is so excited to place this new tool in the big box so you can make a difference and extend the life of your beloved pet.