A Questionnaire to Determine Vaccine Protection

If your animal has already been vaccinated, ask yourself the questions below, as you might already have a fully protected animal. Did your dog receive at least one modified live vaccine for distemper/parvo after she was approximately 14 to 16 weeks old? If you answered yes, that’s most likely enough for a lifetime. Yes, a… Read more »

Why I Recommend Regular Wellness Visits

The Importance of Being Proactive in Identifying Health Issues in Pets As a proactive wellness veterinarian, I prefer to see each of my healthy patients twice a year, and more frequently as necessary for older pets and those with chronic conditions. A dog’s or cat’s wellness and nutritional needs change yearly, and over the age… Read more »

What is Kibbleitis?

When I am at a dog event or on a walk and see a dog, it only takes two seconds for me to recognize a kibble-fed dog from one that eats raw or cooked wholesome food.  You know what I’m talking about..! I often catch myself struggling between saying nothing or saying something…and what. The guardians… Read more »


Heal your Dog and Cat Sensibly – and at Home. Does your dog or cat do ANY of this from Spring through Fall? Chronic itching / Scratching Hair loss Recurring ear infections Skin infections DIAGNOSIS: Likely Allergies, and specifically ATOPY (environmental allergies), although food “allergies” may also contribute.  This is one of the most common… Read more »

Fur IQ: Your Pet’s Chemistry Revealed

Balancing Body Chemistry through Fur Analysis: What is Your Pet Made of? As a veterinarian, I discovered that most pet owners do not get good information about how nutrition affects their pets health.  I know that you want to provide the best nutrition for your pet, keeping them healthy longer, but don’t know who to trust and where… Read more »

Pet Medicines: How Safe are They?

A recent article published in the Indianapolis Star has questioned the safety of certain veterinary medications, along with the relationship of veterinarians, pharmaceutical companies, and their ethics. The drug in question is Trifexis; here is some of the article: Harry, Sesame, Ramsey, Kolbe, Rocky, and Peaches have something in common — all of these beloved… Read more »

The Hidden Message Behind Tear Stains

Last August, the FDA sent a letter of warning to three manufacturers of tearstain removal products. The reason? They contain the antibiotic tylosin tartrate, which is not approved for use in dogs or cats, or for the treatment of tearstain-related conditions. The companies receiving the letters included the makers of Angels’ Eyes, Angels’ Glow, Pets’… Read more »

How to Help Dogs with Fear of Thunder and Fireworks

Is your dog stressed by storms and other loud noises?  I have two of these sensitive souls!  At the first sign of my dogs showing stress due to fireworks, thunderstorms, gunshots and other loud scary events, (or before, if I know in advance) I reach into my big HOLISTIC TOOLKIT. 1. Apply PEACE AND CALMING… Read more »

Flea Allergies: The Larger Picture

Do you know why fleas don’t have the same effect on all dogs & cats? When approached from a holistic perspective, long-term flea control does not begin with insecticide flea sprays, dips or shampoos. It begins only after the pet guardian reaches an understanding of how fleas live, behave, and how they select their hosts…. Read more »

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem RAW Bones!

Bones: to feed or not to feed, that is often the question asked by many – and not just by those new to the idea of raw feeding.  Sometimes even the most hardened raw feeder will question the need or necessity to feed their dogs a bone as part of their routine diet.  We have… Read more »